Online Booking

1Do I have to pay the full price online?
We offer our customers two options for online booking, you can pay full amount for the boat, or you can pay deposit (30%) and remaining amount upon your arrival.
2When will I pay the remaining amount?
You will pay the remaining amount when you pick up your boat.
3Do I need to have a boating license?
Yes, a boating license is required by Croatian law. However we offer free skipper service for bigger speed boats and for small speed boats we offer only 40€ /day for skipper if you book online. Regular price for skipper service is between 55€ and 70€ /day in Croatia.
4I don’t have a boating license. How can I rent a boat?
If you don’t have a boating license, you can rent our skipper for €55/day, or if you book online you will pay only 40€ /day for skipper service for small speed boats.
5How can I reserve my boat?
Click onto the boat page you like then select and click a date in the calendar and fill in the form. Once we confirm your payment for your online reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Keep in mind, if you book more than 1 day, you will need to have mooring/parking place for the boat. If you don't have one, you can always return the boat to us for the night, and pick it up next day.
6Is fuel/gasoline included in price?
Gasoline/Fuel is not included in price. You pay what you spend. 1 liter of gasoline is 10 kn. This means that the customer will get a boat with full fuel tank and he/she needs to return the boat with full fuel tank.
7Mooring location for multiple days booking?
Boats are located in Hvar Town, if guest have mooring place in front apartment they are responsible for any boat damage while on that mooring.. However, if the guest does not have mooring place, he or she can return the boat to us during night, and pick it up the next day. We reserve the right to reject mooring place on location that we consider not secured. For multiple days booking damage deposit is 50% higher.
8Is there a damage deposit for boats?
Yes, for all speed boats there is damage deposit which is refundable the moment you return our boat, however if you rent our skipper, damage deposit is not required. Damage deposit can be paid via Credit Card, Cash or PayPal when You pick-up your boat. For small boat such as Pasara, damage deposit is not required, for all other boats and speed boats, damage deposit is required.

Boat Pickup Location

1I made a reservation. What now?
You will receive confirmation email for your reservation. We will also send you reminder email 3 days and 1 day before your arrival, in these emails you will get phone number of the agent who will be waiting for you to pick up your boat at our outside beach office. Exact location of our outside beach office will be in your reminder email, or you can see it on our contact page. In case you did not see confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder.
2Where can I pick up my boat?
You will meet with our agent at the beach Uvala Kriza, our beach office. Detailed instructions will be included in your confirmation email and in your reminder email.
3What about extra boat equipment?
Ours boats are fully equipped. We can provide you with water sport equipment, such as tube, wakeboard and water skis (€40/day).

Cancellations and Refunds

1Cancellation 30 days before check-in
If the Renter cancels at least 30 days before check-in, he/she will get a 100% refund.
2Cancellation 15 days before check-in
If the Renter cancels at least 15 days before check-in, he/she will get a 75% refund.
3Cancellation 10 days before check-in
If the Renter cancels at least 10 days before check-in, he/she will get a 50% refund.
4Cancellation 7 days before check-in
If the Renter cancels less than 7 days before check-in, he/she will get no refund.
5Cancellation due to bad weather on check-in
If the weather is bad on check-in date, he/she will get check-in for the next day if same boat is available, if not customer will be given different boat in same class if available. We will do our best to rearrange your check-in for the next day. In case no boat or date is available for the next day, renter will be given refund. In case renter does not want to reschedule for next day even tho the boat and the date is available for next day, renter will get no refund.
6Cancellation on check-in day
If renter cancels boat rental on check-in day due to any other reason except bad weather, he/she will get no refund. In case of bad weather on check-in day, policy for "Cancellation due to bad weather on check-in" will apply.